Closed shops in a street of Jacarezinho

A criminal siege was started in August 11, 2017, in Jacarezinho Favela, north zone of Rio de Janeiro. The siege started folowing the death os the police officer Bruno Guimarães Buhler during a police operation in the referred favela, under the pretext of combating the organized crime, the state repression apparatus installed an operation to terrify, humiliate and murder the people in Jacarezinho for 11 days.

For more than a week the people living in the favela had been imposed with several restrictions of rights, the shops are being closed early, students without classes, the people is being inspected, helicopters shooting at the streets and houses, people being shot at "random".

Four people were murdered during the siege, an 8-year children, a "moto taxist" André Cardoso, a vegetable comerciant Sebastião Sabino da Silva, and a 16-years student. In addition 8 people more were shot but are not at life risk. 


Video of the A Nova Democracia report in Jacarezinho

On August 15, the same day Sebastião was murdered, a demonstration against the police operation in the favela took place and blocked the Dom Hélder Câmara avenue near the favela, the protest was faced by the police with gas bombs when it got near the "Police City".

Protest against the police operation, August 15

This operation is part of the systematic war waged against the poor people, one of many operation in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. On the night of August 21, 6 favelas were stage of police invasions: Jacarezinho, Complexo do Alemão, Bandeira 2, Parque do Arará, Mandela and Manguinhos. The army was deployed to occupy the Rocinha favela, the biggest one in Rio de Janeiro this year.

In the morning of November 7 a Megaoperation in Complexo do Salgueiro and on Anaia community, in  São Gonçalo city, Rio de Janeiro outskirts. around 3,5 thousand military, 24 armored cars and 18 vessels of the Armed Forces were deployed to intimidate and harass the people on these popular neighborhoods.

The funds for the National Security Force - created by the Workers Party - was increased in 2016 by 80%, these police force is being used also in the invasions of the favelas in Rio de Janeiro. the funds were increased from R$ 184 million to R$319 million. In the same year more than 4 thousand people were killed in police operations.

The Old State wage this war against the people at the same time it cuts the rights of the workers, increase the exploitation of the country, serving the interests of the imperialists, mainly Yankee imperialism, which more and more draws its attention to increase repression in Latin America, afraid of the uprisings that grows everyday. Repression is the only thing that this State can offer the people, but what they do is fuel the anger of the people, who prepares their rebellion and will, despite all setbacks and sacrifices, in the end defeat the imperialist exploiters and overthrow the ruling classes of the country - landlords and big burgeoisie - and with revolutionary violence seize Power.