On the 9th of November in both Minas Gerais and Rondônia celebrations on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution took place. Nothern Minas Gerais and Rondônia are both areas that can be considered to be important strongholds of the struggle of the poor peasants of Brazil for land. Hence participation by the masses, as well as the attendance of delegations of democratic and revolutionary organisations, was great.

In Nothern Minas about 100 activists of the struggle of the poor peasants, workers, teachers and students gathered in a festive event. Beside the delegations of the League of the Poor Peasants (LCP),  the Revolutionary Popular Student’s Movement (MEPR), the Worker’s League, a Committee for the Support of the Struggle for Land, a Committee in Support of the Newspaper A New Democracy, a delegation of the Revolutionary Front in Defence of the People’s Rights (FRDDP) especially the delegation of the Popular Women’s Movement (MFP) remarkably stood out.

Minas MFP

Minas 2

Minas 3


On the afternoon of the 9th November also in the Paulo Bento area in Mirante da Serra, a central region of Rondônia, at least 80 people came to gather to celebrate the 100th anniversary. During the event slogans and posters were created especially emphasizing the role Chairman Gonzalo and the Communist Party of Peru plays in the struggles and developments in Brazil.


rond 1

rond 2

rond 3