In a successful event comrades from Mexico on the 7th celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution in a festive mass celebration. Hundreds of workers and poor peasants from various unions and organizations followed the call to gather at the main square of the city of Oaxaca turning the celebrations into an authentic event of the popular masses, the workers and the people of Oaxaca.

During the speeches held and contributions made by the various organisations, one thing stood particularly out, according to the report of Sol Rojo: Each and every organisation laid a great emphasizes on holding high and defending the teachings of the Great Socialist October Revolution, but also highlighting the need to necessarily grasp Marxism in all its aspects, and that is to say Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. For the cultural aspect, a children’s philharmonic orchestra was organized, playing tunes such as the hymn of the Soviet Union and, for the closing of their contribution, the International.

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