Under the guise of preparing for floods, draughts and natural disasters a joint military exercise with about 2.000 military personnel from different countries was launched on Brazilians western border two days ago. In order to “improve logistics” and to “establish standards” Brazilian, Peruvian and Columbian forces, amongst others, are trained to operate under the command of US-Southcom and other imperialist countries’ general staffs.

The Brazilian town of Tabatinga is of military significance due to its strategical position in the boarder triangle of Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. It is the place where the current second part of the joint military exercise, code-named “AmazonLog17”, takes place. Afters its conclusion next week, a joint military base will be permanently established, that also the soldiers of Yankee imperialism are free to access. Obviously it is an attempt by US imperialism to yet again strengthening its presence in this region by establishing another military base under the pretext of a establishing a joint basis of operation in case of humanitarian emergencies. It is the most blatant lie, considering how US imperialism in the past respected the countries’ sovereignty and how US imperialism is the main enemy of the people, responsible of the hardships and deaths of tens of thousands of people in Latin America alone.


Screenshot from the Exercise's Propaganda Video promoting arms sales in the region

Now, they yet again train, advise, support and command troops from Brazil, Peru and Columbia to do their bidding and establish another military base in the region, complementing the already existing DEA station in the nearby Columbian border town of Leticia the “Operations Centre for regional emergencies” (also directly under US command) currently under construction in the neighbouring Peruvian Amazonas region. And as if this wouldn’t be enough, there has even been a weapon and equipment sales expo for foreign arms dealers to market their products the participating countries, as the first part of their exercise.