We document an unofficial translation of a statement of the League of the Poor Peasants (LCP) in which they announce the death of Comrade Ludmila who died due to her illness because of missing health treatment. She was the widow of Comrade Renato who was already murdered in 2012 by the mercenaries of the great landowners and the old Brazilian state. The daughter of both is now an orphan by the guilt of the old Brazilian state.

Comrade Ludmila, present in struggle!

With great regret we announce the death of Comrade Ludmila, widow of the hero of the Brazilian people Renato Nathan. Since her childhood she has participated in the revolutionary struggle, in camps, along with some family members, fighting for the sacred right to land to live and work on. Since shortly before the death of Comrade Renato on 9th of April 2012, she lived with her daughter, the fruit of marriage with Renato, in the Canaã area, fighting bravely with other peasants against threats of eviction and all kinds of attacks.

For years she suffered from serious health problems without getting adequate health care. Despite the support she received from the Socorro Popular and several Comrades, the best treatment was far away from her home and her family had difficulty accessing it.

Her condition worsened after the cowardly murder of her Comrade, only getting worse since then. In recent weeks she was hospitalized in Porto Velho, until her death.

Ludmila is a victim of this old criminal state with its failed public health system.

We convey our condolences to the families.

Long live Comrade Ludmila!

Long live Comrade Renato Nathan!

Honor and glory to the heroes of the Brazilian people!

ludmila renato2
Renato and Ludmila with her daughter Vitória