Enraged by the governments attempt to destroy their livelihood hundreds of poor peasants in the province of Tumaco in western Columbia went onto the roads and fields to stop police forces from destroying their coca plantations on the 5th of October. They were met with utmost brutality by the Colombian government when its police forces and a helicopter opened fire on them without previous warning, leaving 9 dead and 18 wounded.

Tumaco massacre

In 2016, current Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos won the Nobel Peace Price for his role in the integration of the Farc into the Colombian government. When the Farc capitulated, it was his government that promised the people they would have to grow coca no longer, but that there will be a program and investments making it profitable for the peasants to grow something else. Now, with the Farc snugly planted in various offices and positions and many of the weapons removed, the Colombian government has launched a series of assaults onto the people that left dead at least 10 people already in this month alone.

Without thinking of implementing any of the promised reliefs for the poor peasants and following the whip lash of Yankee Imperialism the notorious ESMAD was send against the rebellious people of Tumaco on the 5th of October. ESMAD is the governments go to unit when it comes to drowning protests in blood, as it has proven more then once, and is considered as such by the people. Nevertheless the poor peasants of Tumaco stood up against them and the destruction of their fields, shielding them against the police’s intrusion. Without arms and the means to defend themselves however, they were not able to withstand the assault of the police forces that attacked them with rifles, grenades and a helicopter under some flimsy pretense. Those who were wounded in this attack got denied medical treatment and even the investigative commission that came to examine the site of the shooting on the next day was fired upon.

We strongly condemn this attack on the people of Tumaco and consider it once again proven, that no treaties or promises will be kept when the people lack the means to enforce them.

Tumaco massacre 2