We publish an english translation of a declaration of the Unidade Vermelha – Liga da Juventude Revolucionária of Brasil:

xlutar nao e crime

The Red Unit – Revolutionary Youth League (Unidade Vermelha – Liga da Juventude Revolucionária - UV–LJR) is publicly reporting the persecutions suffered by comrades, by elements commanded by the shift leader of the state of São Paulo (Alckmin / PSDB), through its corrupt and violent Military police.

Since the emergence of the UV-LJR, as a revolutionary youth organization, we have suffered persecution and intimidation by the police and other agents of the old state throughout the country, but a particular situation has occurred in recent months in São Paulo under the administration of the PSDB / DEM. We have been targets of ostensive pursuits, people photographing activists, P-2 in political activities, etc. Most recently, a comrade, a young revolutionary activist and firm supporter of the popular and democratic press, has been kidnapped by hooded men as he leaves the company he works in in the neighbourhood of Líder City, East Zone of the capital. Escaping the ambush, he was shot twice, and luckily escaped unharmed. In the following days, the same car was surrounding places that the same frequents and with people from inside the car taking photos. We have reports of cars following even our activists' parents!

Why do they attack us?

As part of his policy of extermination and genocide of the youth, mainly poor and black of the periphery, Alckmin intends to suffocate the just rebellion of the poor youth with terror and in blood. According to a recent study by the Centre for the Study of Violence (Núcleo de Estudos da Violência - NEV) at USP, only one week from August 21 to 27 in São Paulo, 15 deaths were committed by military police. They only lost to the deaths by "misunderstanding" (which probably includes delinquent groups). This is not to mention those that are not attributed to the MP, because they are practised by extermination groups almost invariably linked to the corporation and with political objectives always converging with the policy of extermination practised by the old state.

Let's see if this is not the case: This same week the trial of police officers involved in the biggest slaughter in the history of São Paulo took place, in which policemen cowardly murdered 17 people from the periphery. At least six, as always, poor young people. The motive would have been to 'avenge the death of an MP', for this they elected as their main enemy, the poor people. This is not by accident. It is part of the reactionary civil war carried out by the old state against the people, in which its decrepit, corrupt and genocidal forces of repression are opposed to the unarmed, oppressed masses, in misery and with no chance of defending themselves. In spite of the conscience or not of this situation on the part of the urban gunslingers, the policy that guides them is this, since the old Brazilian State has no other alternative to contain the growing popular protest, the growing rebellion of the masses, its politicization, organization and consequent radicalisation in their forms of struggle, in particular their more advanced youth – the combatant youth. Therefore, it provides material, moral and legal coverage – see the extinction of the process against those responsible for the Carandiru massacre – to police violence, be it the daily practice of uniformed policemen or while making their 'beaks' working as extermination groups.

The convictions for the murder of Osasco and Barueri, who went to the popular jury, is due to the great negative repercussion for the State, but we can only observe the speeches of the governor Alckmin whenever the MP enters in controversy as to its abuses to see that they please and much to his master.

Political prisons and intimidation

Another form of Alckmin's policy to intimidate the youth and try to discourage them from fighting, it is through well-known arrests in protest. But this particular year, state administration together with the armed forces raised the level of intimidation and, through a joint operation, arrested and prosecuted young activists for protesting against Temer. Using so-called 'social networks' to attract critics to the government, allied to intelligence and espionage work, they made political prisons totally arbitrary and under false accusations. All done to frighten and criminalize just rebellion.

What the old bourgeois-latifundist state and its local administrators Alckmin-Doria most fear, is the masses under a just revolutionary direction. They can only postpone it, though! They can not stop the vigorous revolutionary movement that rises in the country and in the world for sweeping the old society and building a new and bright future!

They will not intimidate us! We will continue to organize the proletarian and semi-proletarian urban youth, from their schools, workplaces and housing! Serving the people as the vanguard and shock troop of the democratic revolution in our country and in the ranks of the world proletarian revolution!

Long live the combative youth!
Down with the persecutions commanded by Alckmin / PSDB!
Down with the youth extermination policy!
Its right to rebel!

Red Unit, September 2017