On the 22nd of March at 4 pm around 20 comrades gathered in front of the embassy of the old peruvian state on occasion of the acute threat to Chairman Gonzalo and the answer, the call to a day of action of the Communist Party of Brasil (Red Faction) under the slogan "Defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo! Long live the People's War in Peru!". We document two speeches at this point, a speech of Revolutionary Contruction Waterkant/Bremen will follow.


Speech of the Red Women's Committee Berlin:


All over the world the revolutionaries and communists are incarcerated in the dark prisons of reaction. What is special about Chairman Gonzalo? He is the greatest Marxist-Leninist-Maoist in the world. Because of this he is not only the main enemy of the reactionary Peruvian state but of all imperialists and reactionaries in the world.

What does Chairman Gonzalo mean to the emancipation of women and the Red Women's Committee?
Through the struggle to return to the path of Mariategui  in the Communist Party of Peru which Chairman Gonzalo lead succesfully together with Camarada Norah amongst others, revisionism of its time could be defeated and the People's War was initiated. This was a gigantic victory for the party, the red faction of the International Communist Movement and the Peruvian people. Additionally proletarian feminism was developed as the answer to the women's question. Through the foundation of People's Women Movement (Peru), the draw of the document “Marxism, Mariàtegui and the Womens movement” and through die application of Proletarian Feminism to politicise, mobilise and arm the peruvian women, the Communsit Party of Peru became the party with the largest quota of female comrades on all levels, especially in the leading apparatuses.

By taking up the fight against the pseudo-theory on women as an inferior female nature the Communist Party of Peru proved that women are not apolitical, i.e. non-political, beings or decoration. It proved that women, especially from the people, are sisters in arms, willing to spill their precious blood in trenches of combat of the liberation of mankind.

The great contribution of Chairman Gonzalo, Gonzalo-Thought, is universal and has to be applied also in an imperialist country like the FRG.

We proletarian women in Germany have to apply Gonzalo-Thought to our specific conditions, too, this means to learn from Chairman Gonzalo in order to be able to serve the construction of a revolutionary women's movement because women developing themselves as revolutionary militants are an inexorable storm that will sweep away dying imperialism.

Learn from Chairman Gonzalo!
Unleash the Fury of Women as a Mighty Force in the Revolution!
Defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo!


Speech of the Internationalist Collectiv Berlin:


we are here today in front of the Peruvian embassy to fight for the live of Chairman Gonzalo, the greatest Marxist-Leninist-Maoist. Chairman Gonzalo is the one who elevated Marxism to its highest level. He is the one who gave the proletariat the greatest weapon it has, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism with the universal valid Gonzalo thought. And as the chairman of the Communist Party of Peru he has proven the applicability of this weapon, which is manifested in the People's War made by the people and lead by the party. We have the firm affirmation that the masses and comrades in Peru will finish the task of the reorganisation, expand the People's War and sweep away the three mountains on the backs of the people. All of it in the midst of class struggle and two line struggle, as Chairman Gonzalo himself taught us.   

But not only in Peru or Latin America the communists need to apply, uphold and defend the contributions of Chairman Gonzalo. All over the world, in the oppressed nations and also in the imperialist countries it is the task of all revolutionaries to learn from Chairman Gonzalo and to apply his contributions in practice. Only by this the class struggles in every country can develop and culminate as the World People's War in perspective, which will sweep away imperialism from the face of the earth once and for all. For us as anti-imperialists, revolutionaries and communists in the imperialist countries it is the foremost duty to support all progressive struggles with all our strength, especially the People's War in the oppressed nations and to to call for the struggle against the imperialist countries in which we live!

It was Chairman Gonzalo who has proven the universal validity of People's War in practice and called out to all communists to  constitute or reconstitute the communist parties according to the conditions of their countries, make the socialist and new democratic revolutions, so humankind can reach our goal through cultural revolution, communism.

For all this reasons the Peruvian reaction together with yankee-imperialism have started a campaign of extermination against the party and Chairman Gonzalo. The treason against revolution by revisionism has lead to the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo. Chairman Gonzalo is now for over 20 years in solitary confinement under inhumane conditions in a cell below the earth in a military basis in the Pacific. The only reason he is still alive is that the price reaction would have to pay to kill him is to high. Because the proletarian masses in the world know about him and his condition, especially the Peruvian people will not accept his murder. Despite all this Peruvian reaction makes new efforts and expands them to prepare his murder together with the US imperialists. The only possibility to prevent this is to further raise the price by showing them that we will not accept the murder of the greatest Marxist-Leninist-Maoist and will do everything to defend his live.

Defend the live and health of Chairman Gonzalo!
Long live Chairman Gonzalo (and his almighty thought)!
Long live the reorganisation of the party in the midst of People's War!
Long live the international solidarity!