We document the english translation of a report on an good event in Austria, organized during the campaign "Down with the Olympic Massacre!":

Report: Event on "The resistance of women against the olympic games"


Last Friday, the 23 of September was an event on this topic, together organised of the "No Olympia 2016" Comitee and "Infoladen Salzburg". About 30 activists, feminists and interested people participated and discussed about the resistance of women in Brasil and what we can learn from it in our struggle in Austria.


There were Inputs obout the the situation of women and the abortion law in Brasil and and other south american states and about the development of women struggle during the Football World Cup 2014 and the Olympic Games 2016. Especially impressive was the large front they built in their struggle against the World Cup and the Olympic games. Women, youth, black people, Indigene people, poor peasants, people from favelas, students were struggling together against exploitation and oppression, which got much more intense during these big sport events. Also we discussed the role of austrian imperialism in Brasil and that the Austrian imperialism is also the enemy of the masses and women in Brasil. The struggle of women against Patriarchy can only be lead worldwide. Our struggle in Austria is connected with theirs in Brasil. What was pointed out by one feminist was the analyse obout the friends and enemys of the women in Brasil, after the input about the corrupt politicians, the imperialists, the IOC and their supporters, the catholic church and the pope. It made clear, that the women have to struggle together with all suppressed people.

In the open discussion there was the question, what we can learn from the struggle of the women in brasil. In a picture a women from brasil held a poster on which was written "the place of women ist in the revolution". In the pictures from the womens struggle which was shown it got visible, that the women take part at every struggle of the masses in brasil, they are in the front rows. Women are a strong revolutionary force, only the revolution can smash the reasen of womens suppression.

In solidarity with the womens struggle in brasil there was held a banner which said that the rebellion of women is justified an in portoguese: "Rebelar-se é justo".

The event was a big success, which we have to use for the next struggles in Austria.


Unite in the struggle for legal and free abortion!

The rebellion of women is justified!