Wir haben eine englische Übersetzung eines Berichts aus Österreich, den wir vor kurzem hier veröffenlicht haben, erhalten. Hier gehts zum Bericht auf Deutsch.

„Glory to the fallen heroes, long live the revolution!“

For the first time in Austria was hold an internationalist festive event on the occation of the anniversary of the Day of Heroism. This event have to be celebrated as a big victory for the international communist movement, because it was hold under the guidance of the proletarian ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo and in rememberance on the fallen heroes of the Peruvian revolution.

During the event the important declaration of the international maoist parties was spread, which was published on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Day of Heroism. Under the slogan „Uphold, defend and apply Maoism to serve the advancement of the world proletarian revolution!“ the signing parties and committees from Austria, Galicia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru, spread this document. We think this document is an important step towards a deeper international connection of the maoist forces and a sharp tool against Revisionism and the Reaction.

Ideologiacally the event made clear important standpoints: The Day of Heroism was no defeat, it was a victory all along the line. The 19th of June 1986, when US-Imperialism together with the counterrevolution in Peru tried, trugh barbaric massacres on the imprisoned communists, to destroy the revolution and the people's war, ended with 250 martyrs and a big victory for the working class and the masses. It was a struggel which did not weaken the Communist Party of Peru, but strenghtend them, a struggle which was smithing the revolutionary moral of the Peruvian peope. This is an great example against Defeatism and Pessimism, for what revolutionarys today have no reason for. In the international declaration it is pointed out: This 19th of June we celebrate the 30thanniversary of the Day of Heroism, a fact that needs special attention and particularly the strong stand of the communists who assume this bright lightening example: that is to give one's life for the class and the people in service of world proletarian revolution.“

A visitor on the festive event sayed: „The examples of the Comrades in Peru are very impressing. I was especially impressed by the steadfastness of the militants. They loved the live and the Peruvian people and at the same time they could fight until dead against counterrevolution. This is a moral which can only result from the proletarian ideology, from Maoism. They teach us, that we have to be fearless also here in Austria, to put all our forces into the reconstitution of the Communist Party.“

Defending today the revolution means espacially to defend the live of Cairman Gonzalo, because Chairman Gonzalo is the living proove that just the creative application of maoism will guide us to destroy imperialism and to the liberation of humanity. All activists today have to learn from him how to „learn to fight on the own way“!

As a strong internationalist sign on the event there was sung the „Hymn of Comrade Norah“ for the fist time in german language. This song is a battle song in honour to the martyr Norah, who was giving her live for the Peruvian revolution. Comrade Norah showed us how important it is always to fight against revisionism and to defend the red line.

The festive event was a vicory of Maoism over Revisionism. The Activists which participated on the event were very enthusiastic and strongly touched of this lively evening in the sign of world proletarian revolution and they were very confident to tackle the important tasks which give the revolution in Austria.

Defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo!

Glory to the fallen heroes, long live the revolution!