Till now we received reports from our own sources out of Hamburg and Berlin. Several revolutionary and internationalist groups said their reports will be comming up the next days. We will sum them up then.


Here you find Reports on activities on Mayday (in German):





On Mayday in Berlin


Beside various antifascist actions severeal demonstrations took place in the capital of the FRG. The biggest one was the revolutionary Mayday demonstration starting at 6 pm. Some 15 to 20 thousand participated. Following the demonstration some clashes with the cops emerged but the tendency of pazification of this demonstration continues. The police reprorted "Everything calm" at the evening.


Another demonstration regarding housing issues with more than two thousand people was made on 30th of April in Berlin-Wedding. On the same days evening around 500 people demonstrated for the preservation of the "Friedel 54".


On the unions federation (DGB) Mayday demonstration there was, as in previous years, a class struggle block with about 250 participants. On Friday there were a demonstration with about 200 people in commemoration of the 130th anniversary of the Haymarket riots in the US in Neukölln.


200 fascists tried to march through Berlin-Hellersdorf. The cops broke up several sit-ins and arrested counter-demonstrators. Nevertheless, there were repeated interference of th fascist demonstration. In Schöneweide about 400 people demonstrated against a demonstration by around 40 NPD fascists. In Weissensee about 200 people stood against another 40 NPD fascists.


The comrades of ADHK togehter with four German groups started to revive the tradition of 1 pm Demo. The Reason that this demonstration has a great symbolic value is because it is in the revolutionary movement in Western Europe and beyond known as very closely linked to the CO-RIM and groups such as the so-called Revolutionary Communist FRG.


Here's a video of ADHK:


The Mayday in Hamburg

The Mayday in Hamburg in 2016 consisted of several actions. On Saturday, April 30th, a demonstration was held under the slogan "width solidarity” (Breite Solidarität) - an expression of solidarity with the accused in the so-called Breite-Straße-process. In Breite Straße was in the course of the "squatting Days " a house temporarily occupied and defended against attacks by the cops. Different parts of the revolutionary movement participated, but mainly autonomous. Overall, the number of participants was around 2,000 people. The demonstration had a combative expression and different actions were carried out, including a car of the German Army set on fire. After initial harassment, the cops kept noticeably calm.




On Mayday itself there was,as in previous years, the Internationalist Block on the demonstration of the DGB. This was led by a common expression of the League against Imperialist Aggression (BGIA), which organized the block for years. Also as in previous years the Internationalist Block was the largest part of the demonstration by far. It involved parties, organizations, groups and individuals from Africa, Asia and Latin America, and from Europe; From Turkey, Kurdistan, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Palestine, Iran, Afghanistan u.v.m.



Together rose this block, as it was said in the call, the banner of anti-imperialist struggle. It was a massive expression of proletarian internationalism, the solidarity of the proletarian movement with the national liberation movements.






The first rows was an impressive expression of the class character and proletarian feminism. There were mainly workers marching and the very first row was made in its majority or exclusively by female comrades.

The DGB bigwigs ran away from this block, so that it almost formed a separate demonstration. At the end of the demonstration, the DGB security together with the cops tried to take action against the block. They aimed at their intimidation particular at female comrades with children - riot cops threatened with loss of custody of the children - a perfidious terror that we condemn strongest and welcome the determination with which the female comrades and even the children stood against this fascist terror and kept morale high. At the following celebrations the "Halk Cephesi" (Popular Front) and "Dev Genc" (Revolutionary Youth) was brutalized by the cops. We condemn this attack of the imperialist state against our struggling comrades and condemn all and every German group that does not know to stand with the struggling parties and organizations in the world at the crucial moment.


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All this shows what a success this demonstration - mobilized mainly in working-class neighborhoods of Hamburg - and how the reaction is scared of it.

In connection with Mayday, there was an action in which in a supermarket foods were confiscated.

This year the BGIA did not participate in the so-called revolutionary Mayday demonstration. The backgrounds are very diverse and known to all directly involved forces and should not be unfold here. None of the international organizations was organizationally involved in this demonstration, but especially Germans. The remarkable thing about this Mayday in Hamburg is the generosity of the German state and its police department with respect to the different manifestations of violence in Hamburg. A comparison with the demonstration in 2015 shows a much more restrained and patient attitude of the pigs.