Comrades from Punaluppu have shared a declaration from the Maoist Committee in Finland for the International Day Against Violence Against Women (November 25th).

The decleration is titled ”PEOPLE’S WAR IS THE ONLY WAY TO LIBERATION!”

In the beginning of the declaration the comrades state:

Marxism has always emphasised the importance of the women's issue for the revolution and as part of the liberation of the proletariat. Our basic understanding of proletarian feminism is, as Engels has put it, that the women's question must be seen in connection with private property, the family and the state, and therefore the women's question can only be solved by ending private property. Therefore, we place the liberation of women as part of the liberation of the proletariat, the women's movement as part of the revolutionary people's movement and under the leadership of the proletariat. Our position is completely opposite to bourgeois feminism, which suggests that women could be liberated under capitalism." (unofficial translation from Finnish to English).

The comrades end the declaration with the slogans: "Against imperialism and patriarchy!", "Proletarian feminism for communism!" and "People's war until communism!".

Punalippu reports that on Tuesday, November 8, the association of high-income merchants, Kaupan liitto ry, announced that it is not ready to negotiate on workers' salary increases for next year. Among other things, the trade association appealed to the fact that, for example, salary increases for low-income sellers would be a danger to Finland's competitiveness. The shocking arrogance of the merchants who made huge profits has caused many workers to wake up, and the workers belonging to the Services Trade Union (PAM) have already staged walkouts. These spontaneous walkouts from markets and warehouses have been seen all over the country.

Posters distributed by labor activists have appeared around in Tampere.

The posters state: "Can you not afford to pay wage increases in gigantic monopoly profits? Power to the people!"

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In the fall of 2022 Kommunistiska Föreningen in Sweden gathered for its second Maoist Unity Conference.

The comrades have defined the conference as such:

A conference of utmost importance to defend Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as the association's guiding ideology against attacks from revisionist currents within the association. Revisionism threatened the association's continued existence and survival, its work and its future, which required a settlement. The struggle between the red, proletarian, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist line and the black, bourgeois, revisionist line is always instigated in the Communist Party, as well as in our association. It is the struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie that is reflected within the party. As long as this contradiction prevails, such a line struggle will exist. Without such a two-line struggle, the organisation cannot develop and what is right and wrong cannot be clarified. Without line fight, no unity.”

Read the entire document published on Kommunistiska Föreningen here.

The comrades raise the slogans: ”Forwards for the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Sweden as the fighting staff of the proletariat!”, ”Crush revisionism! Unite under Maoism!”.