We share an article from the comrades of Socialistisk Revolution.

With the conclusion of the bourgeois parliamentary elections, it seems that the turn out was in favour of the Social Democrats, who now wishes to seek a government “across the middle”. What can we expect of this new government? The function of a new government like this will be the centralisation of power in favour of the executive branch of the state and even greater power to already the most powerful prime minister seen since the fascist occupation of 1940. The centralisation of power in the executive branch is something typically seen once a country starts to militarise, which is something the former government did and that the upcoming government for sure will continue to do. Our class can expect nothing positive from this new government. These representatives of the bourgeoisie will continue on with the greatest militarisation of the country seen since the Second World War, preparing to unleash new imperialist wars, whilst letting the oppressed countries, the people’s of the world and the proletariat of Denmark carry the cost of the militarisation and the crisis.

In turn the bourgeoisie has seen the lowest degree of participation of the masses in the parliamentary elections in 30 years. Even though the degree of participation (81,1% voted) in Denmark is relatively high, and the degree of participation fell by half of a percent compared to the previous election, it is the proletarian neighbourhoods where the statistics get interesting. In concentrated proletarian neighbourhoods the boycott of the elections have been disproportionally on the rise compared to the rest of the country. For example in the neighbourhood of Vollsmose the degree of participation reached only 63,1 percent. This means that more of one third, of the population elidgable to vote, decided not to. This is something the bourgeoisie of Denmark doesn’t simply look over, and there has been noumerous comments about the lower degree of participation in bourgeois media, mainly condemning the masses for “not participating in society”, for not voting.

The revolutionary forces in Denmark have won victories as well, with the topic of boycott as an alternative to the revisionist parliamentary kretinism spreading across the “left scene” with the leadership of various revisionist organisations being forces to take a position infront of their masses, who now question the viability of participating in bourgeois elections.

We publish a report over actions carried out by proletarian revolutionaries, across the country, in the election boycott campaign:

In a proletarian neighbourhood in Copenhagen the slogan: “You cannot vote away exploitation, boycott the election!” together with a hammer and sickle was painted.

 Über die Wahlboykottkampagne in Dänemark 1

Across Copenhagen, mainly in proletarian neighbourhoods, leaflets against the bourgeois elections, the militarisation and crisis were distributed, urging people not to vote and instead combat and resist the militarisation and crisis.

 Über die Wahlboykottkampagne in Dänemark 2

Über die Wahlboykottkampagne in Dänemark 3

Über die Wahlboykottkampagne in Dänemark 4

Stickers of the revolutionary movement in Denmark, with the slogan “Boycott the bourgsois elections! Combat and resist!” were spread all over the country. We share here some documentation that was sent to us:


 Über die Wahlboykottkampagne in Dänemark 5Über die Wahlboykottkampagne in Dänemark 6



 Über die Wahlboykottkampagne in Dänemark 7


Über die Wahlboykottkampagne in Dänemark 8

Über die Wahlboykottkampagne in Dänemark 9

Über die Wahlboykottkampagne in Dänemark 10

Über die Wahlboykottkampagne in Dänemark 11