On November 4th revolutionary activists marked the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Norway, Before the markation posters were put up around Oslo with the slogans ”Long live Maoism! Down with revisionism!” and ”NKP 99 years – Reconstitute the Communist Party of Norway!”.


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There was a markation on Vestre Gravlund, where a memorial in honour of the fallen of the central committee of the Communist Party of Norway was placed.21 members lost their lives in the struggle against fascism and the nazi occupation of Norway 1940-1945.

The commemoration began with a line-up and a procession through the cemetery, with torches and red banners with hammers and sickles. At the head of the procession walked a comrade with a wreath of red flowers. The wreath was decorated with a ribbon that read "NKP 99 years" and "Reconstitute the Communist Party of Norway!" The procession was carried out with drums and rhythmic steps.

At the monument and grave of the communist poet Rudolf Nilsen, the procession stopped and sang "Ridderslag", which is Rudolf Nilsen's poem to the Communist Party of Norway. Then the procession continued to the memorial, where there was more singing, a speech was held, and a lot of candles were set down, and the wreath in honor of the 21 martyrs, and all the others who gave their lives for the party and the revolution, and for the nation and all people's freedom in the fight against Nazi-fascism.
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A meeting was also held on the occasion of the 99th anniversary, with a lecture on NKP's history. Among other things, the meeting was decorated with portraits of the foremost communist leaders, and pictures of five martyrs from the NKP's history were also highlighted. These were Asle Grepp, Martin Hjelmen, Henry W. Kristiansen, Ottar Lie and Asbjørn Sunde. All five sacrificed everything in the fight against fascism and the first four were all murdered by the Nazis. More important than their sacrifices are the efforts they made, the work and the communist spirit and attitude they all showed in the face of the enemy and in the trials they were subjected to.

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The marking and the meeting took place in the communist spirit, with discipline and seriousness, and the activists were very pleased and proud to have marked the 99th anniversary of the party in such a way, with a consistent stance for Maoism and against revisionism.


Comrades from Punalippu report on anti-imperialist activities in Helsinki.

Anti-imperialist activists have distributed posters with the slogan ”Down with NATO!”, ”Down with all imperialist wars!”


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