Comrades from Punalippu report that a grafitti action has taken place in Tampere against the anti-people coercive laws approved by the Finnish parliament, which cuts off worker’s rights to trike. A mural in Tampere writes in Finnish: ”Down with the coercive laws! Power to the people!”.

Fl1 11102022


On October 4th the parliamentary elections in Denmark were announced and are to be held on November 1st. Comrades from Socialist Revolution have published an article telling people not to vote but instead combat and resist.

The comrades write:

The elections are taking place in a huge sharpening of the imperialist crisis, which has been sharpened by the war in Ukraine. The crisis existed before, but the war has sharpened it.

Those in power are not dealing with the crisis to ease the burden on the people, for example by abolishing VAT and making transport cheaper so that you can pay for your rising bills and the ever more expensive food after the rent has already eaten up the biggest chunk of the paycheck. Instead, they are preparing for a new imperialist world war through the greatest militarization seen since the 2nd World War.”

The article ends with the slogans: ”Boycott the bourgeois elections, combat and resist!”, ”You can’t vote away exploitation, boycott the bourgeois elections!”, ”For the reconstitution of the Communist Party of DenmarK!”.

DK1 11102022

Socialist Revolution also reports that stickers from the revolutionary movement in Denmark are being spread in every corner of the country. The stickers have the slogan: ”Boycott the bourgeois elections! Combat and resist!”.