Comrades from Tjen Folket Media report that posters have been put up in Kristiasand on the occassion of the 30 year anniversary of the trancendental Speech of Chairman Gonzalo on September 24th.

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On September 27th activists from Kampkomiteen put up posters in support of students disappeared by the old Mexican state. The posters show the 43 students from the school of Ayotzinapa who got disappeared back in 2014.

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In Norway on the occasion of the International Week of Solidarity with the People’s War in India, more actions were shared by our comrades from Tjen Folket Media.

Many graffiti actions were carried out around the country and posters were also put up in Trondheim, Oslo, Kristiansand and Bergen. And open meeting was also organised in Bergen


Trondheim: ”Long Live the CPI (MAOIST)!”


Trondheim: ”Long Live the People’s War in India!”


Oslo: ”Long Live the People’s War in India!”


Oslo: ”Long Live the Communist Party of India (Maoist)!”


Kristiansand: ”Long Live the People’s War in India!” and the 11 demands of the Communist Party of India (Maoist).


Bergen: A poster announcing the open meeting ”Long Live the Struggle of the Indian People!”, ”Down with the War Against the People!”.

On September 23rd a demonstration organised by Iranian and Kurdish organisation in Trondheim in support of women in Iran. More than 100 people attended the demonstration. Slogans were chanted against the old Iranian state and the ayatollah Khamenei and against the police. Some women burned their hijabs in protest of the Iranian government persecuting women for not wearing them.



Comrades from Punalippu report that poster in Tampere, against the parliament's anti-people decision to enact a coercive law, which cuts off workers' right to strike were distributed by revolutionaries. This law enacted by the parliament is very reactionary and shows the fact that in Finland the democratic rights of the people are only narrowing day by day.

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