Comrades from Kommunistika Föreningen reports on a succesful election boycott campaign many actions were carried out and many comrades participated.

Our comrades have written on the election outcome:

There seems to be a change of government in Sweden, as the bourgeoisie changes who will manage its common affairs. A "blue-brown" government is the most likely outcome of the parliamentary farce, but as communists we understand that the difference between the two capitalist parliamentary blocs is very small. Both want to pursue an anti-worker policy aimed at militarizing the police, dividing the working class and withdrawing the concessions workers won through class struggle.

We also see that the general crisis of imperialism affects Sweden, the turnout in the parliamentary election is the lowest in 20 years. Across the country, 81% participated compared to the 2018 election when 87% participated. In all but 8 municipalities, turnout fell. In Södertälje and Botkyrka only 68% participated and in the proletarian suburbs of Husby, Rinkeby and Rosengård just over 50% participated.”

Different actions where a banner was hung down by proletarian revolutionaries were carried out at various locations in Sweden. The banner had the slogan ”Farce Democracy!” and ”Capitalist Dictatorship!” with a hammer and sickle.

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On Saturday the 17th of september an open meeting held by Kampkomiteen in Bergen on the occasion of the International Week of Solidarity with the revolutionary political prisoners of the People’s War in India and against the drone strikes.

Before the event posters were put up in Bergen city center and Danmarks Plass.

At the meeting the social conditions in India were explained and the 11 demands of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) was emphasised.


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Punalippu reports on the following actions done on the occasion of the International Week of Solidarity with the People’s War in India.

In Helsinki on Saturday, Septamber 19th there was a demonstration in front of the Indian Embassy. A speech was delivered, denouncing the old Indian state and highlighting the importance of internationale and prison solidarity. A finnish song ”Puna Laulu” (”Red Prisoner’s Songs”) was sung.

The slogans ”Release political prisoners in India!”, ”Long live the People’s War in India!” and ”Forward in building the internationale anti-imperialist front!”.

The demonstration drew a lot of attention from bypassers.


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An organisation by the name of ”Communist Youth” held and event about the People’s War in Inda on Tuesday, September 13th. There was a presentation on the People’s War in India and the movie ”Red Ant Dream” was shown.


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Poster and flyers were also distributed around Helsinki with the slogan ”Victory to the People’s War in India!” written on them.


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In Tampere posters were hung up, answering the call of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) join the international Action Week (13th to 19th September) for the release of political prisoners and to end the anti- people drone strikes.


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In Denmark, marking the 30th anniversary of the trancendental speech on Chairman Gonzalo a banner was hung over a bridge in a proletarian neighbourhood. The banner had the portrait of Chairman Gonzalo and the slogan ”Eternal Honer and Glory to Chairman Gonzalo!” written on it.


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A cultural meeting was also organised where proletarian revolutionaries attended. At the event there was a presentation on the imposement of Maoism in the world and the role of Chairman Gonzalo.

Emphasis was put on that there can be only one definition of Maoism and that Chairman Gonzalo’s most important contribution as far as we understand right now is the definition of Maoism and it’s imposement.

Emphasis was also put on that Chairman Gonzalo has defeated the sinister plans to destroy his Great Leadership over the Wolrd Proletarian Revolution and that his assassination was a defeat for the reaction.

After the presentation the trancendental speech of Chairman Gonzalo was shown.


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