The Tagesschau of 15.09.2022 (German news format close to the state) gives an impressive, compressed example of how capitalists, their political agents and bourgeois media work together for the imperialist penetration of Ukraine.

While the war over Ukraine is still in full swing, Habeck is promoting German investment in Ukraine at the G7 ministerial meeting. In the event of war damage, a "fallback guarantee" (sic) would be granted.


After these political clarifications, the position of the German capitalists is announced by the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations. Relieved he figures the losses of the German-Ukrainian trade with only 11%, there the priorities lie. Subsequently, Ukraine is praised as a "potent" business location. However, one "expects [...] faster approval procedures, little bureaucracy and legal certainty from Kiev." This has already been worked on at full speed since the coup of 2014. Since then, German capital exports to the country have been increasingly promoted. As of 2019, 2000 German companies were active in Ukraine. In addition, Ukraine functions for the German economy primarily as a supplier of inexpensive raw materials and intermediate products.


Ukrainische Exporte BRD


This is what German imperialism is sending money and weapons to Ukraine for. It is about securing another Eastern European semi-colony. The misery of this "partnership" is already known to Ukraine's neighbors like Poland or Romania. For German industry, they function unbureaucratically as cheap suppliers and labor reservoirs, as raw material suppliers and garbage dumps.