Unlike previous years, where the 25th of November has only been marked by smaller events in different places in Norway, the international day of action against violence against women this year has been marked in a powerful way in the country.

The Struggle Committee in Norway reports that demonstrations have been held in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Kristiansand. Slogans like ”Combat violence against women!” could be seen raised in all four demonstrations.

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Punalippu reports that the Security Police of Findland (Supo) wants more rights to spy broader on the population of Finland, citing national security as a reason why. Many democratic organisations are criticising the government for not informing the public about the extend of the spying against the people.

This, as well as journalists being persicuted after writing about the military’s espionage against the people, is an expression of the general decomposition of imperialism and the intensification of repression in order to preserve the old order.



Socialistisk Revolution reports that it is evident by the results of the recent municipal and regional elections, that the tendency of the masses boycotting the elections is rising, this is in spite of intensified state measures to get more people to vote, it’s an expression of a general rise in the consciousness of the masses. The main tendency for election boycott can be seen in the poor proletarian neighbourhoods, where the bourgeoisie were intensifying their efforts to get people to vote. In this years election support for the ruling party, the Socialdemocratic Parti, has also dwindled, which also an expression with the discontent of the masses and the rejection of the bourgeoisie.