In the context of the protests by Palestinians and supporters all over the FRG against Israel's attacks against Palestine in the recent past, the debate about an alleged anti-Semitism linked to the protests developed again in the FRG.

The German government (CDU/CSU and SPD) took this as an opportunity to discuss a ban on Hamas flags, some of which were also waved at the protests.
However, there is a problem associated with this: Hamas has different flags. However, this is not a problem for German politics and so it has now been decided not to plan a ban on the Hamas flag alone, but to change an entire paragraph of the penal code at once. Of importance here is
paragraph 86 of the penal code. This generally regulates the prohibition of propaganda materials of unconstitutional organisations. This is based on a listing of various organisations, which, however, only applies to Germany and primarily bans so-called Islamic and right-wing extremist organisations (see, for example, the National Domestic Intelligence Report 2020 "Register"). Hamas is not included in this. In order to nevertheless enforce a ban on the symbols, paragraph 86 is now to include all organisations that are on the EU's terror list. This includes many other organisations, including revolutionary organisations and national liberation movements, such as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. Thus, this planned law is not a law against an alleged anti-Semitism, but another step in the fight against the revolutionary and democratic movement and its supporters in imperialist countries. It shows how the bourgeoisie is trying to criminalise the revolutionary movement through back doors in the hope that nobody will notice.
ere is a overview of the EU terror list:

EU Terrorliste1

EU Terrorliste2