On the in many parts militant protests at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul against the appointment of the new openly pro-government rector Melih Bulu, the Turkish Human Rights Foundation (TIHV) has published a provisional evaluation report that illustrates how the old Turkish state is expanding and intensifying its repression on broad sections of the people.

At least 801 people have been detained, tortured and mistreated since protests began in 38 provinces, it said. 13 demonstrators were seriously injured on the ground during the protests (although the number can be assumed much higher), 60 are said to have reported to the TIHV due to torture and mistreatment. 228 judicial inspections, 29 house arrests issued and at least 6 journalists injured. Police allegedly used various weapons with chemical agents such as plastic bullets or tear gas, as well as water cannons.

Meanwhile, 70 academics have filed a complaint to the State Council against Bulu's appointment. According to the Higher Education Act, faculty members can become members of political parties, but the same law also states that members of political parties cannot become rectors.