In the Şişecam factory (bottle and glass production company) in Bursa, glass workers have started the economic struggle inside the factory as a result of the imposition of unpaid leave at the end of 2020 against some employees, while there are to be 64 new hires. In the first days of the unpaid leave, there were collective marches to the factory. For three months now, workers have consistently stopped working overtime.

The magazine Yeni Demokrasi has reported on the situation with interviews of the workers. One of them says: "There is no peace in the factory. As we enter the factory, we start asking if we will work, if someone will be put on unpaid leave today, and what will happen tomorrow." In response to the protest, the company sent more workers on unpaid leave.

The new hires are apparently happening to promote cheaper labour in production. One worker reported, "Our friends who took unpaid leave have worked here for 10, 15, 25 years. This factory grew on the work of these friends. When we started working here, our moustaches were not sweating." 70% of glass workers would have meniscus problems, alongside many specific lung diseases as a result of the work.

As reason for the unpaid leave, the workers are given work certificates to prove their alleged low effectiveness in the production process. The ridiculous justifications are rejected by the workers. "Glass workers have a tradition of struggle," several point out. And are determined to extend this struggle, because otherwise the measures such as unpaid leave and dismissals will spread all the more to other regions in the wake of the economic crisis.