We hereby report on some developments in the political situation and the class struggle in the various Nordic Countries.

Regarding the recent 28th anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo‘s speech on the 24th of September 1992, comrades from Scandinavia have published new translations of the Common International Declaration in Norwegian and Danish.


In Norway, actions were carried out in Trondheim and Kristiansand in support of the People‘s War in India. The slogans: „Long Live the CPI (Maoist)!“, and: „Support the People‘s War in India!“, were painted on city walls, along with the hammer and sickle.

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Comrades from Serve the People Media have published an article concerning the „Interview with Comrade Laura“, an important document of the Communist Party of Peru from 2012, which has served as powerful motivation for the General Reorganization of the Communist Party of Peru and the Peru People‘s Movement. The Norwegian comrades explain many of the central points of the Interview, share pictures from the People‘s Liberation Army base in the Vizcatan Mountains, and put the document into historical and current context.

A strike of the bus drivers has broken out all over Norway. 8.300 drivers are striking in many different parts of the country, including both the capital, smaller cities and rural areas. The negotiators attempt to use corporativist tactics, like encouraging a strike stop „because of covid-19“, but the strike goes on. The comrades from Serve the People Media call on the workers to reject corporativization and continue the strike.

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In Trondheim, activists of the Struggle Committee (kampkomiteen.org) have put up posters with the title: „Your Rights AGAINST the Police“, giving advice to people about the rights when confronted by police and during demonstrations.

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Comrades in Turku and Tampere carried out actions to support the People‘s War in India and to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo. This was done on the 24th of September (the 28th anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo‘s speech) and the 21st of September (the 16th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of India (Maoist)).

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The exploitation of the Greenlandic people by bureaucratic capitalism continues to deepen. The colonial administration („The Home Rule“) recently announced that Greenlanders who are forced to work from home due to the Danish-imposed 14 day quarantine after travel, will have to pay out of their own pocket, receiving no wage for any work done at home. This is because people who travel are „ignoring the recommendations of the authorities at their own risk“. This denies that the Greenlandic people are deeply dependant upon travel to and from Denmark — half of all Greenlanders live in Denmark, and many others travel to the imperialist country to study, receive medical treatment, go to prison or visit relatives. Thus, this is a blatant excuse for deepening the exploitation of the proletariat and people of Greenland.

However, there is still no rest for the colonialists. Recently, there has been a „wave of vandalism“ in Nuuk, with many youths deliberately targeting schools, psychiatry wards, police stations and other symbols of the oppression of their people.