Since 20th September 2020, a lot of protests and riots started in Madrid. Especially in South Madrid, the masses took the streets for their protest. The reason for all of this are new Covid19 legislation, restricting movement particularly in the proletarian neighbourhoods. Rich quarters are not affected

.Spain’s Covid19 cases are getting higher and higher, so the state repression against working class quarters in Madrid. The masses show their fury on signs with slogans like” They don’t confine the rich” or “It’s not lockdown, it’s segregation.”

Covid Proteste Arbeiterviertel 2

The partial lockdown is confirmed since 21th September 2020 but only for the poor quarters of Madrid like Puente de Vallecas are effected by it. Richer parts of the city have not the same virus restrictions. Diaz Ayuso, regional president named the “way of life of migrants in Madrid” as a reason for her decision to order a partial lockdown only for the working class quarters. Over 850.000 people are affected by the restrictions, over 850.000 who are not allowed to go out, only for going to work, to school or to a medic. Parks are closed, supermarkets and restaurants are forced by law to close their doors at 22 pm.

The Police forces people to stay in their home zone, make checks between the quarters. People say they feel like in a Covid19 ghetto. Maria Jose, a former nurse from Vallecas in retirement found some words about the current situation “It’s not our way of life which cause a high rate of Covid19 infection, it’s our living conditions. We are a working class quarter but public services turn their back on us since years.”

Covid Proteste Arbeiterviertel 1

Masses denounce the state because they’re allowed to go to work with a high infection risk but after work they are caged in their own quarters like animals. The chauvinism of the Spanish state which make migrants and worker responsible for their misery, a very high rate of unemployment, housing shortage and also the systematic destabilisation of working class areas make the people angry and let them not other choices than rebellion. A rebellion which was answered by police with batons and pepper spray. The cops force an escalation and attack also very young and very old masses.

Covid Proteste Arbeiterviertel 3