After the Greek parliament reveals their plans for building a fence around camp Moria a fire breaks out on 8th and 9th of September. Greek parliament views the refugees as the guilty ones, NGOs disagree and denounce the healthcare, living and security situation in camp. Especially during the Covid19 pandemic the situation for the refugees is a catastrophe.

Before the fire, Moria had already 35 cases of Covid19. Proper healthcare? No signs of it. 13.000 persons during a pandemic living in a camp that is too small - the EU saw no problem. These people are now homeless, winter is coming and a racist mob is waiting to hunt them. After NGOs and human rights activists draw attention to the situation in Moria, politicians were forced to admit that the situation for the refugees there is horrible.

“This is not a refugee camp. It is a prison. Refugees are cramped together like criminals.” - words of CSU politician and head of the Ministry for Development to German news format ARD Brennpunkt. To rescue refugees? Not his plans. “Maybe 2000”, that’s the limit of what can be taken to German. Today, the German government announced, that not even this number will be allowed it, but a mere 100 to 150, in an act, that Horst Seehofer, Minister of the Interior, cynically coined a “very concrete example of practised love of ones neighbour”.

And the rest? Not Germany's Problem. A “European solution” shall be forced by waiting till the situation is escalating. Meanwhile the situation is getting worse and worse for the refugees. Police interdicts NGOs to bring the people food, water and medicaments. People who want to help are prevented to buy food for the refugees in supermarkets by police. The masses in Moria rebel, throw stones at the police, demand to be brought to the main land.  

That’s the price they are ready to pay, only to put other European country's under pressure to take refugees from camp Moria. But not every country have the same responsibility for the misery. Imperialistic States like Germany and France, states who kill, plunder, exploit inside and outside of the European Union. The consequences of exploration and of war are coming back to the causer.