With the imposed state of emergency the bourgeoise state achieved that protests like the yellow vests were limited provisional. Now the police uses the time to push forward the militarization of the of the society. So there was a action by police in Mâon where they practiced concretly the mission for demonstrations. Therefore the police came extra to the city and put on protection uniforms on the children and supplied them with shields and batons to teach them technics of the police for fighting demonstrations.

Polizei Frankreich Kinder

While the reaction tries to frighten the revolucionary movement and to show their supposedly strength and bond with the people, there were some actions by the Jeunes Revolutionnaires. Next to countless actions, where flyers and magazines were handes out, there were two actions for political prisoners.

A few days after the explosion in Beirut the Jeunes Revolutionnaires in Saint-Etienne asked for the freedom of the lebanese revolucionary and political prisoner Georges Abdallah as well as the liberation of Palestine with different graffitis and a banner.

liam campbell frankreich1

In Lyon the revolutionaries demonstrated in front of the irish consulat and handed out flyers to stop the extradition of the irish revolucionnary Liam Campbell. Liam Campbell shall be extradite because of supposedly smuggling of arms to Waffenschmuggel to Lithuania, though he never were in this country. The comrades write about him:“Liam Campbell is an Irish republican, a man, who gave his whole life for the liberation of Ireland and socialism.“ and „Stop the extradition of Liam Campbell! Without an people‘s army the people has nothing!“.

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