We have already reported on the series of fascists attacks in Neukölln, including that the solving of the attacks obiviosly was hindered by the police and justice system.

After many antifascist demonstrations the institutions in Berlin could no longer deny the Nazi inside their organisations. Two of the public prosecutors in the case now have been exchanged, due to "doubts against their impartiality" and their work so far is supposed to be checked once more. Chats of one of the accused shows, that one of the public prosecutors is near to rightist party AFD.


The bourgeois media describes the relations as follows: "In a protocol of a chat from March 2017 the main accused of the series of attacks, 37year-old Tilo P. - he was District Executive of the AfD Neukölln, until the party kicked him out, when his connections into the right-extremist scene became publicly known. - wrote not to worried, because of the public prosecutors. The main one of them voted for the AfD and he knows him, he said." When the investigating prosecutor found this protocol he did not confront his colleague. Instead of reporting this, the protocol quietly went into the thousnads of pages of files. This scandal was also only made public knowlegde by the attorney of the victim, not by he cops.


The case against a cop also shines new light on the situation. Stefan K., when off duty, was involved in beating an asylum seeker until he needed to be treated in the hospital. The attack occured in 2017 in the S-train station Karlshorst from a group of nine men. Until 2016 he was part of the investigation group "Rex", responsible for the Nazi-attacks in Neukölln. Especially distugisting are the consequences for the victim. He complained about lasting pains, he could not handle and based on them developed a drug problem. Due to this he was deported to occupied Afghanistan in early 2020 as a "criminal".