After the French president Emmanuel Macron and the Italian Prime-minister Guiseppe Conte already tried to work together in refugee politics in the EU for roughly two years, both countries now developed a new plan. For years both sides argue over the border of the places Ventimiglia (Italy) and Menton (France) where a lot of refugees try to get to France.

Although there were less attempts of people to get to France at this border in the past and especially during the massive border controls because of the Corona-measures, the numbers now rise again. Now both countries want to take action against the refugees and especially against the human traffickers. Therefore the Italian and French patrols and border guards shall be put together under a common command. And this shall happen in the next two to three months. This cooperation can be rated at the same time as a common struggle against the hegemony of the FRG in the EU by France and so it is not a coincidence.

Already there are new conferences for the Malta-agreement scheduled for October in Brussels. This agreement for the distribution of refugees in the EU was exposed because of Corona-Virus, but anyway the refugees still land in European countries at the Mediterranean. Also these agreements never really took action in Germany. The current president of the council of the EU – Horst Seehofer (FRG) – already exposed what he thinks about the agreements.

Instead of fulfilling the agreements, he wants to use his presidency of the council of the EU to build up asylum centers at the external frontiers of the EU where it should be verified if the people actually have a asylum entitlement and afterwards they get distributed or deported directly. How those asylum centers look like can be shown by the refugee camp Moria in Greece where mor than 15,000 people are placed and partly wait since years for a asylum procedure.