On the 28th of July there was a spontaneous rally against the verdict in the TKP / ML trial in Berlin-Wedding.

On this day the the Munich Higher Regional Court announced its verdict against the 10 defendants in the TKP / ML trial, which lasted for over 4 years. The charges were for “support of a foreign terrorist association" and brought them sentences between two and half and six and half years, inspite of the TKP/ML being only considerd illegal in Turkey. The verdict was denounced, parts of the Partizan-declaration were read and the freedom for the accused demanded.Kundgebung in Berlin gegen das Urteil im TKP ML Prozess 1

On this day it was also the international actionday in solidarity with the revolutionary prisoners in India. Accordingly in the rally the situation inside the Indian prisons was described and denounced. The comrades espacially demanded the immedeate release of Varavara Rao and G.N. Saibaba. With the current COVID19-pandemic and their health situations their life is in even more concrete danger.

We also docement a picture send to us, of a painting in Berlin-Tempel that demands the freedom of the convicted and Varavara Rao.

Malung aus Berlin Tempelhof in Solidarität mit den Verurteilten im TKP ML Prozess und Varavara Rao