We hereby publish a brief report on developments in the various Nordic countries in the recent week.


The Central Leadership of Serve the People – Communist League of Norway, has issued a letter to the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan, expressing memory and grief over the death of Comrade Zia, Chairman of the Afghan Party, who passed away recently. The League states: “His life and work changed the web of matter and relations in this world forever. Comrade Zia is immortal.” The entire letter can be read here: https://maoist.home.blog/2020/07/01/to-the-communist-maoist-party-of-afghanistan/

NR2 01

In Trondheim, the fascist organization “Stop Islamization of Norway” (SIAN) again attempted to mobilize against Muslims and progressives. As reported in “Nordic Report 1”, they had recently been kicked out of Oslo. In a report entitled “New SIAN Failure”, the Struggle Committee (kampkomiteen.no) reports:

“On Monday 29th of June, SIAN attempted to harass Muslims and progressives in Trondheim. Before, they attempted to get the police to prevent a counter-demonstration, like earlier attempts at manifestations in both Trondheim and other cities, where these have been broken up underway. It was also like this now, except that it was faster this time than last they attempted in Trondheim.

This time, the fascists had been allowed to use the square. The police had put up a double fence and a plexi glass cage. SIAN chose not to use the latter. Before the manifestation began, they felt that very many in Trondheim did not welcome these harassers. About immediately when Thorsen was visible, somebody jumped over the fence and sprayed him, and escaped from the place. This was applauded by many who had gathered. Before SIAN had begun their “stand”, firm shouts began of “no racists in our streets”, “go home” and “all of Trondheim hates SIAN”.

Additionally, before and during all of the speech, music was played (copyright protection to make it harder for the fascists to put videos on YouTube), additionally megaphone with siren sounds was used to drown out the harassment and many also shook the fences. Immediately when Thorsen began showing the Koran to “prove” that Muslims are subhuman, and called Islam shit, some people began throwing bread and fish to attract seagulls. Thorsen also, like in Mortensrud, had eggs thrown on him. After half an hour with harassment of Muslims and complaining about not being allowed to harass in peace, some succeeded in demolishing the fences.

The police chose to stand with shields and helmets to protect SIAN, and were met by eggs and slogans like “A-C-A-B” and “we remember Obiora”. Thereafter, the fascists were escorted away while some of those going through the barriers destroyed the speakers and other materials of SIAN. Several chairs were thrown against police, who had gathered closely behind their shields, and a window on the police car was smashed. That also happened to windows on a building SIAN had placed themselves by.”

NR2 02

Against those who talk of “violence breeding violence” and other pacifism, a polemic was published on Serve the People Media (tjen-folket.no) with the title: “It is neither sad nor easy”. It says: “But they have less problems with the violence of the police. Every day, the police is violent on the job. A few days ago, there was an encounter at Hestsjøen in Trondheim, where police harassed youths. The policeman who strangled Eugene Obiora in 2006 still works for the state, and has been promoted so he often appears in the media as an action leader. Many criticize this, but when the rage over injustice boils over, crocodile tears are shed over police cars and dirty bricks.” And: “To make an omelet, one must smash some eggs. To fight fascism has always been dangerous and one risks more than angry comments from Internet trolls and politicians. Those who took over the streets in Trondheim deserve honor and glory, not to be backstabbed with backhanded criticism. Luckily, it has never meant a lot what people say here or there. Actions speak louder than words. Honor and glory to those who took the case in their own hands and kicked the fascists and police off the square in Trondheim.”

SIAN also attempted to hold a manifestation outside the Storting (the Norwegian parliament). But despite massive police protection, it was still impossible to hear their garbage speeches because of shouts and music.



In Finland, a report was recently published about further actions during the Day of Heroism, 19th of June, in Turku and Tampere. The actions were reported on “Serve the People” (demvolkedienen.org): https://demvolkedienen.org/index.php/en/t-international-en/4212-supplement-further-actions-in-the-world-to-celebrate-the-day-of-heroism



NR2 03

In Copenhagen, 1.000-1.500 people demonstrated on Saturday against the Zionist State’s annexation of Palestine. Speeches were held by Palestinian refugees in Denmark as well as comrades from Palestine itself. The Zionist occupation of all of Palestine was condemned and it was affirmed that even after 100 years of struggle, Palestine will be free, because it was not been forgotten and its masses still struggle.

At the demonstration, shouts like “Viva, viva Palestine!”, “Up the international solidarity! Struggle unity of the working class!”, “From the river to the sea – Palestine will be free!” and “Wave upon wave, strike upon strike – against imperialism and patriarchy!” were heard. Palestinian flags, Boykot Israel banners and the red flag with the hammer and sickle were seen.

On the island of Bornholm, recently a Black man was murdered by two men. The police denied that there was any racist motive. But as the Research Collective Redox (redox.dk) has reported, the two men had ties to the fascist movement surrounding the one-man-party “Hard Line” of Rasmus Paludan, the fascist provocator. Comrades of “Socialist Revolution” write regarding this: “It is no surprise that the police attempts to cover up the horrible anti-masses crimes of these fascists. The police serves the bourgeois dictatorship, just as the fascists act as its storm troops in periods of open rupture in society, just as we are entering now. It has long been known that the police and fascist movement in Denmark have close connections, and the police has previously covered up fascist cries, among others by giving the left scene the blame [as with the Søllerødgade Bomb Attack in 1992, where a Trotskyite was murdered in a Nazi bomb attack, but the police refused to investigate properly and even discussed “leftist infighting”]. In Germany, network upon network of neo-nazis in the police and armed forces are uncovered. “Behind fascism stands capital.” The anti-people terrorism of the fascists can only be combated one way: revolutionary violence. Let the combat and resistance of the masses bloom. The Danish people has previously expressed, what it thinks of fascism [as during the People’s Strike of 1944, where fascists and Gestapo members were attacked and killed by the masses] – these pigs should get what they deserve, and we cannot count on the bourgeois State for that.”