Saturday last week, about 100 people took part in a demonstration in Aachen to address the fascist networks within the police and to denounce racist police violence. This year there had been several scandals within the Aachen police because of very openly acting fascist cops.

In the beginning of the year, in February, two cops send “Sieg Heil” and “Heil Hinter” snippets from a television series over the police radio - while they were on guard duty in front of the Aachen synagogue. The investigation of a cell phone showed that swastikas, Hitler photos and matching comments were shared in an internal chat group of the police.

Aachen Demo gegen Nazi Bullen 2

In order to denounce the fact that the suspension of the two cops in question is meerely an attempt to sweep the question of fascists in the ranks of the police under the rug and racist police violence is still on the agenda, various groups and initiatives came together last Saturday in Aachen. The joint call of various forces in NRW was also presented there, which together call for a rally and cultural event in front of the house of NRW's Minister of the Interior Herbert Reul on August 8th.