We hereby report on some developments in the Nordic countries since the Day of Heroism.


1. Comrades from „Serve the People Media“ (tjen-folket.no) have published a large number of translatated documents from the Great Debate, where Chairman Mao Tse-tung and the Communist Party of China thoroughly exposed and combatted Soviet revisionism, in Norwegian. They have also published the first chapter of the book: „Fundamentals of Political Economy“, also known as „The Shanghai Textbook“. The translations can be found here:

(1) Framlegg til generalline
(2) Meiningsskilnadene mellem oss og SUKP
(3) Spørsmålet om Stalin
(4) Er Jugoslavia eit sosialistisk land?
(5) Forsvararar av nykolonialismen
(6) Studer litt politisk økonomi
(7) To ulike liner om krig og fred
(8) Fredeleg samlivnad ― to beint motsette liner
(9) SUKP er dei verste kløyvarane i vår tid
(10) Den proletariske revolusjonen og renegaten Khrusjtjov
(11) Om den falske kommunismen til Khrustjov

2. A list of active fascists in Norway was published by „Serve the People Media“, referencing the website of Antifascist Action. The full list, including names and pictures of the fascists, can be found here.

3. A large antifascist mobilization against the pigs of „Stop Islamization of Norway“ (SIAN) took place in Mortensrud, outside of Oslo. The Struggle Committee (kampkomiteen.org) reports:

The fascists of SIAN again attempted to do spread their witch-hunt in Oslo. This time in Mortensrud, outside of Oslo. Mortensrud is a proletarian area, where many Muslims and people with migrant background live. The place was apparently chosen so as to provoke.

The moment the fascists of SIAN opened their mouths, slogans and noise began to drown their hatred out. It did not take many minutes before the first eggs were thrown. During the entire demonstration, eggs, tomatoes and bottles were thrown almost uninterrupted and in great waves. […]

The action was a failure for the fascists. They were forced to abandon the square in less than half an hour, under a rain of eggs, tomatoes, bottles and everything else that people could get their hands on. There hatred was not heard, drowned out by the noise and shouts of the antifascists. In general, one could best hear the antifascist shouts of combat of the counter-demonstration, such as: „No fascists in our streets!“ and „All of Oslo hates fascists, we are all antifascists!“.

Norway NR1


In Umeå, a triumphant antifascist demonstration took place. We translate the report sent by comrades from that city and published on the website of the Communist League of Sweden (kommunisten.nu):

The world has in the latest times been shaken by big protests after the murder of a Black man, George Floyd, who died from police brutality in the USA. Even up in Umeå, there have been demonstrations in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, one on Friday 05.06, as well as a larger one the day after. Despite corona-times and rainy weather, about 300 persons gathered for the latter demonstration on 06.06. Many of the masses had their own slogans, posters and banners, even more radical ones, such as „Fuck the police“.

The event apparently attracted many good and radical masses, including many young people and people outside activist circles. On the same day, the Nazi sect, the Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR), held an activity weekend in Umeå, with the remaining Nazis from other cities and other so-called „neighbors“. Apparently, their own national day celebrations were no longer fun or prioritized, when in a pitiful group of just over a handful of them showed up at the BLM demonstration. There is hardly any need for a longer thought to understand what interests the Nazis have on such a demonstration; they were obviously there to provoke and disturb.

According to information, they were quickly identified (very early from the police, which however left them on the scene), despite trying to camouflage themselves among the rest of the demonstration participants. The masses confronted a couple of the Nazis, who were soon backed by the present-day Nazis, and the Nazis were quick to randomly attack the masses physically. The anti-fascist mass took to self-defense and kept the Nazis in check from continuing their berserk race, until police on the spot had wrestled the troublemakers.

A leading Nazi from another neighbor struck a police bloody while police equipment flew in different directions, and was arrested on suspicion of violence against an official. At the scene, he sat complaining that he did not have any sunglasses or contact lenses, and the aftermath was that he claimed he did not see that he was fighting with a cop.

One cannot help wondering how this Nazi may have missed being in the crowd with a police officer, since almost all of them were wearing a green vest. If now the Nazi looks so bad that he could not distinguish a police uniform, one can speculate further on why he chose to go with such a visual impairment to a demonstration he chose to provoke. Highly suspicious and clearly an indication that the Nazis were completely on violence.

When the Nazis ― apparently to their surprise ― failed to overpower 300 anti-racists and get bitten in the wet grass, the mass scanned slogans like „no racists in our streets“, two of the Nazis lay down in different ways. In addition to the Nazi with such poor eyesight, there was also the local group head of NMR in Umeå, and seemed to want to burst into tears any second - and when the NMR itself heroically claims that none of their members were injured, hope and believe that the tears were needed because of the insight and regret of being a Nazi and everyone hates him for it.

The remaining Nazis were allowed to leave the scene with police-protected shame and their relatives who were taken into custody and suspected of violence against officials and ill-treatment.

The demonstration marched on to the center where the gathering went on undisturbed.

NMR in Umeå has always had a tough life and climate with mass spirit of the city, which among other things led to prosecution and dropout. After leaving the sect, a defender was beaten and robbed by the current group leader along with another young member of NMR, for which they were both convicted. Now, new prosecutions and legal proceedings are probably awaiting the group manager and the teenager will probably build up a solid load register over time.

The BML demonstration in Umeå was just another of many Nazi defeats, and many more hardships await the Nazis; at school, on the street, yes, every aspect of the Nazis’ life will be bordered by monster and contempt from the masses. As much defeat as it was for the Nazis, the same victory for the masses and proof that the bourgeois state police can never protect against fascists. The heroic masses will write history ― even locally in Norrland.“

Sweden NR1 01

Sweden NR1 02


Comrades of Red Flag (punalippu.noblogs.org) have published a Finnish translation of the Joint International Declaration on the Day of Heroism. It was signed by Maoist Collective in Finland. The statement can be found in Finnish here.

A translation of the statement of „Tribune of the People“ in the USA regarding the „Austin Targeted Three“, political prisoners, was also published here.


Comrades of „Socialist Revolution“ have published a Danish translation of the Joint International Declaration on the Day of Heroism, which was also signed by Red Wave, the Maoist organism in the country. For the Day of Heroism also, an action was carried out near the Memorial Park in memory of the fallen during the Armed Resistance Struggle during WW2.

Denmark NR1 01

In Denmark in recent months, there have been a number of combative street clashes between masses and police in proletarian neighborhoods. In Albertslund, the police attempted to stop a gathering of 50 people, but were met with violence. In Århus, the police shot and injured a man during a spontaneous antifascist protest, which led to more than two days of riots in the Gellerupparken area of the city. In Ryparken, Vollsmose and other areas, during the Ramadan, there were small clashes between masses and police, when police attempted to break up nightly gatherings. In some places, the police were met with rocks thrown by masked youths.

There were also a number of large demonstrations in solidarity with the „Black Lives Matter“ movement and against police brutality. In Copenhagen, 15.000 protested against racism and police brutality, while thousands marched in Århus and Odense. Even though the BLM leadership in Denmark is liberal and attempts to split the masses among racial lines, this has not prevented the migrant and Danish masses from uniting for a just cause. Opportunist slogans during the demonstrations, such as „prosecute the police“ were discarded by masses, who preferred to shout: „Fuck the police!“.

In Vollsmose, a Muslim worker was shot and killed by lumpen gangs on his way home from the Mosque. He had no involvement with lumpen crime of any sort. This led to, on one hand, the police and municipality imposing a „double sentence zone“ on the area and increasing their presence, while on the other hand, it led to a broad mobilization of the masses in the neighborhood. More than 500 masses demonstrated recently against lumpen violence in the area. At the same time, they also reject the increased police presence. In an article on „Socialist Revolution“, the comrades reaffirm that it is a good thing, not a bad thing, when the masses take charge of their own neighborhoods and kick out both lumpen and police ― despite all the reactionary talk of „parallel societies“.

Denmark NR1 02


On Greenland, which is a colony of Denmark, a sabotage action was carried out in the capital city of Nuuk against a statue of the genocidal colonial conquistador-priest Hans Egede, who claimed the colony for Denmark-Norway in 1721 and proceeded to impose a monarchic-lutheran dictatorship and a feudal economic system over the native Inuit masses. The statue was attacked with red paint, and there is now talk of demolishing it completely.

Greenland NR1