On Tuesday evening, banned protests against police violence led to fierce fights with the police in Paris.

More than 20,000 people gathered in front of a courthouse in the capital to demand justice for the death of Adama Traor. The authorities had previously banned the manifestation for the fear of fighting and on the pretext of infection control. The deployed security forces used tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets to disperse the masses. However, these did not tolerate the attack and offered fierce resistance.  Stones and bottles were hurled at police forces and barricades were erected and set on fire. Despite the ban, according to the bourgeois media, about 2,500 people demonstrated in Lille, about 1,800 in Marseille and about 1,200 in Lyon. There also clashes with the reaction occurred.

According to a new ortopsy report, Adama was also suffocated during a police operation in 2016. He has been pinned to the ground on his face by police forces, which wanted to arrest his brother. On Monday night another cases of police brutality was reported, a 14-years old boy was seriously wounded on his eye by police forces, he was supposed to steal a moped. In April, a 33-year-old died after being pinned face down by police forces. A delivery driver was killed in January during a police inspection under the same circumstances. Of course the protests were also related to the fights in the USA. Traoré's older sister said at the manifestation: "Today this is no longer just the struggle of family Traoré, it is the struggle of us all. Today, when we fight for George Floyd, we fight for Adama Traoré.