Finish Comrades published report and pictures of solidarity action:

May 10, 2020 marks two years since the old Mexican state put Dr. Sernas on the verge of disappearance. As a result, in response to an equally long-running international campaign called by the Mexican Revolutionary Movement, a group of revolutionary and internationalists from Tampere met on Saturday, June 30th and send their solidarity greetings to Mexico.

According to the information we received, a speech was heard on the spot, recalling the glorious merits of Ernesto Sernas García, the truth about the nature of the old state of Mexico, and the importance of international solidarity. The speech told e.g. how Dr. Sernas boldly and successfully defended the revolutionaries against prosecutions of the old state while exposing its own criminal activities, and how this public service was the cause of his disappearance.

The Mexican revolutionary movement, embodied in the Corriente del Pueblo - Sol Rojo, continues its march in the “backyard” of the world’s only hegemonic superpower (Yankee imperialism) despite all the difficulties. Such a struggle really deserves all the sacrifice that Dr. Sernas has given, and what must be eternally remembered and praised.