In Schwenningen 80 people participated in the combative 1st of May rally. In difference to the last years, the DGB had only organized a celebration, so that the „initiative for a combative 1st of May Villingen-Schwenningen“ organized it’s own rally. The participants torched Pyrotechnics and marched without incidents from the starting point at the train station to the DGB celebration.

In Bremen approximately 100 people attended the social revolutionary walk through the city. The unannounced action, at which slogans where loudly chanted, was organized by „self organized, extra parliamentary political associations, that regard to themselves as part of the libertarian, anticapitalist and emancipatory spectrum and that strive towards a self organized and solidary social order“. The cops, which weren’t there at the beginning, later accompanied the demonstration with multiple police vans, but stayed passive.

In Oldenburg this years autonomous 1st of May rally marked the 20th anniversary of the autonomous May activities in Oldenburg. Under the slogan “Which side are you on“ the rally demanded a clear positioning in the matter of burning questions of the movement, like the situation in Rojava. For a some time nearly all of the 400 participants held up signs with the flag of the PKK.