On Monday night, two vans of a supermarket-company were torched in the City of Bristol in Great Britain. What the bourgeois media calls a ‘sickening’ attack was a justified action, even during the Corona pandemic.

Hours after Prime Minister Boris Johnson told people to stay at home two vans of the company “Iceland” were set to fire in the workers' neighborhood Southmead, Bristol. The incident took place in front of the there located Iceland-Supermarket. According to the Chief Inspector of the business the called police forces were attacked by youth with fireworks by arriving at the scene.


The Chief Inspector also complains about how mean it is to destroy delivery vehicles at such a time. But the really sickening one is the one who wants to profit from a pandemic, the one who profits from the misery of the people, the one who profits from the basic needs.


Here we see once again very clearly how the bourgeoisie is trying to instrumentalize the pandemic for its own purposes, a pandemic for which they are responsible. Now the bourgeois media are calling for the army: “We need the Army out at all supermarkets and at Ambulance stations.”, “Where is the Army we need them on our streets now. Not on standby - why is this Government so slow to do things? Where are the police?”

Attacks on the monopoly capital are justified at all times, as are attacks on the police. Pandemic or not - it is right to rebel!