The Turkish comrades of the May Collective, sympathizers of the revolutionary struggle in Turkey, have produced an amazing feature length documentary on one of the historically very important militants of the TKP/ML: Orhan Bakır. Being an Armenian, raised in an orphanage, he committed himself to fight for the interests of the oppressed and hence joined the TKP/ML. In the 70s and 80s through his dedication and skill he became an important commander of the TIKKO. His example led to many Armenians joining the ranks of the Party to confront the slaughter of their people and all other peoples in Turkey with the weapon in hand and guided by Marxism.

To tell his story a documentary was now produced that will celebrate its initial screening in Cologne, Germany, on October 5, where it will be shown in full length with English subtitles. As Avrupa Haber reports, there will also be future screenings in other cities to come.

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