The 1st of September marks the anniversary of the attack of German Imperialism on Poland and is commemorated as the Anti-War Day in which a wide range of organizations in the FRG, mostly from the so-called "Peace Movement" and anti-imperialist forces, go to the streets to denounce imperialist warmongering and chauvinism (as already reported). In Hamburg, a combative detachment of proletarian revolutionaries participated in a demonstration that day1.

Carrying a banner with the slogan "Yankee go home – Against imperialist aggression" a special emphasizes in the anti-imperialist bloc was laid on denouncing the principle enemy of the peoples of the world, US Imperialism. With the majority of the demonstration mostly trotting onward quietly, this block stood out with its combative appearance and constant shouting of slogans such as "Up the international solidarity!", "The true face of their democracy? Mass murderers is what they are!" or "The FRG is not our state, all power to the proletariat". Even the slogan "Do not believe the lies of the exploiters – It is right to rebel" found widespread circulation in the demonstration.

The turnout of the demonstration itself however could have been better and clearly shows the demand to further strengthen and develop the anti-imperialist movement in the FRG. In times like these a united and decisive joint action of the advanced anti-imperialist forces – as seen in this demonstration – is of particular importance.


1The original report on the action was published yesterday in German has been slightly modified to provide more context for the international readership