We document a report with pictures of the demonstration "Justice for Adel", which was sent to us.

On the 8th of August a demonstration took place in Essen-Altendorf in memory of Adel B., shot by German policemen. In advance, the press has thrown around with a lot of dirt. On one side against Adel B. himself, who was portrayed as a mad Muslim knife-wielder . And on another side against revolutionaries who work in this district. But the "Initiative Justice for Adel" has been able to expose the lies of the German state and its press. From self-defense they quickly changed to emergency aid and this lie also crumbled after the demo like a house of cards. The closest relatives and friends could tell, either directly or through others, what kind of person Adel B. was. The demonstration and the exposure of the cover-up of the German state are a heavy blow against his fairy tales.

Demonstration Gerechtigkeit für Adel 4
Minute of silence for Adel
A few weeks ago supporters of the demo were detained by the reaction for two hours on flimsy grounds. Two additional patrol cars were requested and the state security (Staatsschutz) was contacted. But on the day of the demo, the state did not have the opportunity to stop the anger of the masses. What the supporters have been accused of ,calling the murder of Adel B. a murder, has marked the whole character of the demo. The masses called together "Adel B. this was murder!". The reaction could not act against it. Even though they were on the ground before the start of the demonstration with a large contingent in full combat gear, they preferred to change their tactics when they realized that mostly people from the neighbourhood were demonstrating . Instead of using their well-known, provocative bullies, which are not known to be particularly "sensitive", they used a lot of highly decorated, older, more experienced and "more modest" bulls. So the reaction was prepared for two scenarios, either completely shattering the evolving resistance in the neighbourhood or exerting less "pressure" so as not to make the situation even more explosive than it already is.
 Demonstration Gerechtigkeit für Adel 3Relatives and survivors of Adel make speeches

The working class in Altendorf showed that it can not be split. The united working class has fought together for their rights and shown that there is no difference between Muslims and non-Muslims, and between Germans and non-Germans. Also an incident by the provocation of a German fascist was answered together. He thought it was necessary to put his Reichskriegsfahne out of the window. But the determined willingness to struggle on the part of the masses has caused him to pack it up again and to crawl into his apartment. In addition to the speeches from the "Initiative Justice for Adel" or the "Initiative Oury Jalloh", which had come for this event particularly, revolutionaries also gave a speech. In this, the German imperialist state and its lackeys were openly denounced. It was strongly emphasized that one must not divide into Germans and migrants, but must struggle together. The protesters were to a large extent people from the district itself, but also students and others participated in solidarity. At the end of the demo, Adel's mother was connected live via mobile phone. She thanked the organizers and participants, emphasizing that they were all Adel on this day. The slogan "We are all Adel B.!" Was then raised by the whole demonstration. During a minute of silence, most of the participants raised their fists and made it clear: The fight for justice for Adel continues.

Demonstration Gerechtigkeit für Adel 2

Demonstration Gerechtigkeit für Adel 5