Danish comrades of Socialist Revolution have published a report on an action in defense of the life of Chairman Gonzalo today, of which we like to share the English translation:
Action in Copenhagen to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo
Activists carried out an action under the slogan: "Defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo!" on the occasion of the 39th anniversary of the People's War in Peru. The action was carried out in a proletarian neighborhood in South-Western Copenhagen.
The People's War was initiated in Peru by the Communist Party on the 17th of May 1980, 39 years ago. It was after Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leader of the Party and the revolution, had struggled to reconstitute the Communist Party of Peru for more than 15 years; a Party which had been constituted by José Carlos Mariátegui on a solid marxist-leninist basis, but which was later led astray and had to be reestablished. In 1980, the Party and the Chairman then initiated the People's War, which now for 39 years has illuminated the world like a torch.
In September of 1992, Chairman Gonzalo was arrested by the reactionary Peruvian state and put in front of the world press in a cage, where he held his famous speech. Since then he has been in isolation and has not been able to speak officially. The communists and revolutionaries in the entire world struggle to defend his life and health, since the Peruvian state has threatened to assassinate the Great Leader of the international proletariat.
Defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo! Long live the People's War in Peru!"