For months, big parts of the Albanian people have been fighting against the state. The protests culminated last weekend in their tentative peak. For several hours the demonstrators fought against the reactionary state power.

Albania, which never submits to Russian social-imperialism, is a semi-colonial and semi-feudal country now, dominated by German and Italian imperialism. In fact, the state is reigned by organized crime.This is far more significant in Albania than in other oppressed nations. Through these "mafia structures" in all parts of the state, the Albanian people are severely battered by corruption and nepotism. Exploitation and oppression have fueled the anger of the people for years, and local elections are also scheduled for June. On Saturday, this anger were unloaded and caused heavy riots in the capital Tirana. Molotov Cocktails, stones and pyrotechnics were thrown at police and hated institutions, such as the Parliament building, the police headquarters and the President's official residence. In addition, barricades were erected and vehicles were set on fire throughout the city.




These protests are not led by progressive forces and even more not by communists,but this does not change the fact that it is right to rebel and that the masses will fight until they are liberated from the yoke of imperialism.