On the 19th of January militants detonated a car bomb in a central district of Derry in front of the court building. In typical IRA style, an warning was issued by phone 15 minutes prior – hence only damage of property was made. In the current continuing debate on “Backstops” and “Hard-Border Brexits”, this bombing is a taste of what will increase many fold with the current course chosen by the imperialists in Europe.

Derry can be considered one of the hotbeds of militant struggle against the British occupation from way back when up until today. Anyone ever taking an interest in the struggles in Ireland surely remembers the “You are now entering free Derry” wall painting made along the Bogside in 1969. With continuity, this town in Northern Ireland close to the border has been a thorn in the back of the British.

IRA Bomb in Derry 1

Derry's Bogside in July 2018

In December 2017 British secret service MI5 complained, that “the terror threat in Ireland is the greatest in Europe” and that “terrorist activity is disrupted in the North on a weekly basis”. In riots taking place in Derry in July last year for about a week, 75 Molotov cocktails had been launched on the police in a single day. Amidst these riots, militants claiming the name of the IRA and being phrased “New IRA” by the bourgeois press also through two grenades onto security forces and in one occasion opened fire. With the recent bombing taking place, British intelligence is afraid the attack might have the same background.

Meanwhile, the imperialists at the helm of the European Union and Britain are trafficking with the everyday reality of the people living on the Island, leaving them in uncertainty about the outcome of their quarrels and collusion. But while the imperialists try to maneuver the Irish into a position of a hostage bargaining token, the recent bombing has to be seen as a sign, that the current situation will only increase the vigor of the people to fight for a united country.