Today, the demonstration "Freedom for Musa Aşoğlu" took place in Hamburg, where around 150 participants gathered for a combative and vociferous demonstration that passed in front of the district court and the detention center. Musa was arrested on December 2 2016 in Hamburg, he spent more than 20 months in isolation and is still in jail. In a few weeks his process comes to an end.

Under slogans of "long live international solidarity - solidarity is resistance, fight fascism in every country", "freedom for all political prisoners - freedom for Musa Aşoğlu" and "129 we already know, fire and flames to repression" the demonstration marched and greeted the political prisoners of the UG with banners, live music, Halay dance and speeches.

Here are some photos for the demo:

Musa Demo Dezember 2

Musa Demo Dezember 3

Musa Demo Dezember 4

Musa Demo Dezember 5

Musa Demo Dezember 6

Musa Demo Dezember 1