More than 80,000 workers and youths stopped France in a wave of protests against the economic measures of the Macron government on 24 November.
The protests as well as the repression were extremely violent. Police attempted to arbitrarily stop the march of thousands of people with water jets and tear gas bombs as they tried to break through a cordon of isolation that would lead to the house of the prime minister of the country.

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Demonstrators – youth, proletarians and workers with petty-bourgeois living conditions – fought back repression by attacking police cars and big companies shops.

"Mr. Macron has accelerated the fall of his people since he was elected. We want a radical change or the dismissal of Macron, "said a protestor named Cynthia, a 31-year-old worker, in an interview with Portuguese news agency Público. She also denounced that he withdrew taxes "to further enrich the rich."

Five police officers and 19 protesters were injured in the end. A week earlier, November 17, more than 280,000 people took to the streets for the same reason.



The measures that are being applied by the government of Macron refer to increase taxation that consumes the salary of the masses while promoting tax exemption for corporations and big bourgeois.

The trigger for the protests was the fuel boom as a result of these Macron policies. What began as a multitudinous economic movement has become widespread and today calls for the Macron government to leave and harshly criticizes the entire political system, parliament and bourgeois democracy itself

Translated from A Nova Democracia