In the followig we document a statement of the group Proletarian Autonomy regarding the fascist activities in the german City of Chemnitz this week:

Statement regarding the fascist riots in Chemnitz

On the 26th and 27th of August 2018 pogrom-like riots took place in Chemnitz, provoked mainly by fascist leaders, radical right hooligans and tolerated by the state and police.

The riots began a day after the 35 year old German Cuban Daniel H. was stabbed to death with a knife. His Facebook-Profile reveals that he had an inclination towards the left and that he was antifascist minded. With the fascists who now want to gain political capital out of his death, he had no dealings with.The exploitation of his death, despite the tragedy of the whole affair, follows the logic of the fascist leaders. In this sense, rumors arose after the Chemnitz City Festival that this dispute would have been about the harassment of women. For us, it is insignificant whether or not the alleged offenders have an immigration background.

In this case, sexism and patriarchal violence are being used to spread racist ideology, when it is of no significance to which ethnicity the man belonged.
In the racist demonstration on Monday one could observe how the fascists and racists from the whole federal territory went to Chemnitz to take part in the hunts and riots that had been planed. We want to emphasize this, because we want to break with the rabble-rousing the eastern German population is facing after these attacks once again. It is true that many people from Chemnitz participated in the demonstration, but just as many participated in the counter protests that were carried out by courageous people from Chemnitz and only very few, for one reason or another, have not opposed the fascists.
It is up to all of us to jointly construct a progressive and liberal counter project to this capitalist system that is contradictory to the logic of the rich AfD functionaries and the other capitalists. Because this is the real problem, the struggle between the poor and the rich in which we are pitted against one another in a struggle for the crumbs that were thrown in front of our feet. The people who flee from their homes because of economic poverty, war, torture and displacement are presented in the media as the problem by the very warmongers and profiteers of the exploitation of the „third world“, who made them flee in the first place. While we always hear, that the boat would be full, surplus in the number of billions is being made with tax money and German companies bring in one record profit after another, the air for our class to breath is drained more and more every day and it is of no significance for this whether our name is Mohammed or Anna, Sakine or Heiko. All of us are hit by exploitation, no matter to what ethic group we belong to.

At the same time, we must recognize, that the racist ideology spreads further and further in our neighborhoods and we all must combat together with its deadly consequences. Regarding this we can not - and never could – rely on the state, as he is part of this problem. He ensures, that the poor and the rich continue to exist and he is, as the NSU has proven quite well, part of the fascist movement. With his new police laws the state will confront us with a new prosecution apparatus the likes we have not seen since the fascism of the national-socialists. This means, that we have to organize ourselves and meet on equal footing to mutually take away our fears and to solve the sharpening social conflicts in dialog with one another. Parallel to this, we have to jointly resist the racist, fascist, sexist and state attacks.

We know what happened 1933, we have seen what happened in 1992 in Lichtenhagen, so we know what is coming for us and we shall not allow this.

Shoulder to shoulder against Fascist!
Develop Class Consciousnesses!
Unfold Class Struggles!
Struggle for proletarian autonomy!