We publish an english translation of a report of Partizan:

In support of the actions for Igor Mendes and the 23 activists, Partizan in Athens/Greece executed a solidarity action in the football game of AEK Athens against Galatasaray, which took place on the 31.07.2018. Igor Mendes was one of the participants in the student- and workers protest against the World Cup spectacle 2013 in Brazil. For Partizan he is our comrade and son of the Brazilian proletariat, which struggles bravely and decided for the interests of the oppressed peoples and the proletariat. He got sentenced for years of prison by the reactionary and rotten Brazilian State. A group of Partizan in Europe put up a banner for the game which took place in the Olympia stadium with the slogan „Free Igor Mendes! Fighting is not a crime!“ The group of Partizan was greeted by thousands of the fans in the so called goal-tribune with applause and antifascist slogans.

The group also put up a banner in Greek language with annotations to the fire in Greece in which dozens of Greek people died. On the banner it was written „This fire is in our hearts, our hearts are in struggle!“ The activist of Partizan resisted some reactionary supporter groups and got the support of antifascist fans in the organisation of these actions. The banner for Igor Mendes was put up in the stadium and the actions finished shortly before the end of the game. Partizan also announced they will organise more actions in solidarity with Igor Mendes and the 23 Activists and to increase the international solidarity with other befriended revolutionary democratic organisations.




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