On the 19th of February, Munich’s high court dropped the arrest warrants for four of those revolutionaries who stand accused in what came to be known as the “TKP/ML-Trials”. Presenting the current situation of the trials and speaking about their time behind bars, three of those recently released comrades participated in a celebrative and informative meeting organized by Partisan.

For 34 months, the four now released revolutionaries had been imprisoned by the German state without being convicted. Hence, when Banu, Sami and Sinan went on stage, the tremendous joy and relief about three comrades walking free (at least for now) was palpable in the whole room. In brief and very emotional statements each of the comrades informed on how they experienced their time in jail.

In their statements all of them highlighted the great impact the various actions and campaigns of solidarity had on their morale while locked up and also on the trails themselves, forcing the court to withdraw the arrest warrants as it has not yet produced conclusive evidence about their necessity. Highlighting some of the activities in support of the imprisoned comrades a short film montage was shown depicting some of the various activities that have been made in countries all over the world, such as Brazil, Ecuador, Turkey, Germany, etc. As many of the scenes were taken from a video published by CEBRASPO in 2015 we call attention to this video again and bear in mind, that there are still comrades in jail.