Following the events of the Great Socialist October Revolution the finnish proletariat, starting on the 27th January of 1918, made a decisive grab for power, confronting the class enemy in force. On the 100th anniversary of this heroic attempt to free the finnish proletariat from it’s shakes, comrades in Finland's town of Tampere organized a lighting demonstration to celebrate it and rally new forces to the struggle.

In an unannounced demonstration several comrades came together on Saturday the 27th and made a forceful appearance with flags and banners, distribution a leaflet on the meaning of the heritage of the struggles a hundred years ago and holding a speech. In the course of this, bourgeois propaganda posters calling for the finnish election that was to be held on the day after were painted over, highlighting very well also the anti-electoral character of the declaration itself.

Finland Lighting Rally 100 years 1

Finland Lighting Rally 100 years 2

Electoral posters painted of with the slogan: "Taistelle" ("Struggle")