On the 8th of January Christiane Schneider (domestic politician of the bourgeois party “Die Linke” in Hamburg) gave an Interview to the Hamburg Abendblatt, in which she attacked the Rote Flora and so-called left groups and demands to clearly take stance against violence. At the same time, Schneider presents itself as “unconverer in chief” in the G20 Special Committee.

Die Linke“, among others, directly co-organized the demonstration on Sunday the 8th of July 2017, in which the Anti-imperialist Block was brutally attacked by the reaction. In the interview, Schneider pointedly positions herself violence critical and also does not directly mention the brutal assault of the police. In other violent events, as for example in the “Elbchaussee” or the rebellion in the Schanzenviertel, “Die Linke” would not have been a part of. Clearly she rejects the rebellion of the masses; more so, those riots are denounced as “obviously planned cold-bloodedly and without any rhyme or reason” and “disturbing”. A party affiliated with a youth organizations, which coins the uprisings to be “complacent excesses of violence” and who’s branch in Hamburg declared that people who fight against the pigs (or in their [solids] lingo: “violence against our colleagues of the Police Union”) would be “identified and report on by the Linksjugend Hamburg”.

A bourgeois party, that is supported by some who call themselves left, with votes and even with membership, a party, that oh so readily portraits itself as the “small man’s” party“ and pretends to be for social equality and even called on the parliamentary investigative committee to review the G20 with the words following words:

“This committee has to investigate any relevant question in relation to the realization of the summit meeting in Hamburg. His investigative assignment is to be specifically defined. It is obvious though, that the whole complex has to be put under scrutiny – from the decision to host the summit in Hamburg, over to the deployment strategy of the police, to the cutbacks in civil rights and the nuisance for the citizens, to the unconceivable acts of violence. What we now need is total transparency. Hence, we as well further demand a governmental statement of the 1st Mayor.”

A demand, which apparently was supposed to calm the masses. A demand, which should prove, that “Die Linke” after all is close to the people and demands enlightenment. But what enlightenment can we talk about, when violence of protesters is coined “senseless”? When a party, viewing itself as progressive, states, that it accepts the state monopoly on violence and resents every form of violence against the police? “Die Linke” is reactionary. They do not give jot about the interest of the oppressed and exploited. They are in the service of German imperialism and now attempt to set the left against the left. To set the populace against those people, who exercised the uprising. “Die Linke” attempts to split. This is something, the revolutionary movement cannot allow.

Instead of dissociating oneself from another, it must stand together more firmly. The reaction and the rulers in this country, already before the summit, attempted to set groups against one another and during the events as well as afterwards split protesters into “good” and “bad”, in the hope of being able to break the solidarity that exists even though opinions vary. It seems however, that they have little success with this. Only a few of those who became victims in the G20-Wichhunt were ratted out. During the G20 thousands of people with different views fought in the streets of Hamburg, but united they all fought against the rulers. The reaction of the bourgeois parties only shows, that they are afraid that the people again will unite and once more and for the final time march into battle against imperialism and that they will win, because they were united and would not allow to be split apart.


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