This year's Lenin-Liebknecht-Luxemburg demonstration was marked by two outstanding political facts.

First, in a climate of witch hunts and white terror, the revolutionary movement in Germany has sent a clear signal. We will not be intimidated! We carry our flags with pride and in the midst of the struggle, we stand united against this state, its lackeys and spies.
Second, it is becoming increasingly clear how the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Germany is an urgent necessity of the class struggle of the proletariat. In different blocks the cry for the party is expressed and it becomes more and more clear how this demand finds more and more organised, centralised, forms. It is clear to all and everyone that the question today is not whether the party is reconstituted, but how, on what basis and when.

This is the main conclusion that the revolutionaries can carry out of this year's demonstration. On the course of the demonstration itself, and above all, the participation of the comrades, who are indeed the vanguard in the fight for the reconstitution of the party, we certainly will have something graphic to report in the near future.